Leslie Pruneau
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Biography / Artist Statement


Leslie Pruneau grew up in Raleigh, NC and received her BFA at East Carolina University, working under such artists as Clarence E.Morgan, Cheryl Goldsleger and art historian Biruta Erdman.  Throughout her childhood her parents traveled extensively and she was exposed to many different art influences.  As an adult, she lived in New York City and Berlin, Germany for over a decade and currently resides in Raleigh maintaining a studio, teaching art classes and giving workshops.  Having been involved in the arts for over thirty years, she also donates time, money and artworks to various groups in the area and abroad.  Her work is in several private collections in the US as well as in Europe. Title 28

Artist Statement

I embrace the complexity of our socio-cultural world, and am constantly seeking a medium and language of mark-making to capture its impact. The barrage of “inputs” from our media-saturated, plugged-in culture can at times be random, unexpected, and unwarranted, but also an alluring temptation nonetheless.

“Expect the unexpected”…this is what inspires me. When starting a piece, I see an infinite number of choices; a “blank canvas” so to speak. This is my favorite time as I release ideas and the self-proposed challenges that will later need to be verified; or so I’d like to imagine. I tell people that I have an agenda, a set course, a clear objective, but actually I often feel like I am out on a limb, untethered and without a safety net. Over time, each mark alters the look and feel of the piece, and choices become fewer and more difficult, requiring more contemplation. But the continued search for the “truth” and content in a piece is what continues to drive me.

The time that it takes to resolve a piece of artwork is of no concern, nor do I wish to follow any timeline. This work is my life and my goal is to simply “make a better piece today than I made yesterday”. Some works may only take a few hours, while others can take several days, months or even years. The process is what drives the end result. My life is anything but predictable, so why should I expect for my artwork to be any different.

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